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Hey My name is David but you may call me dave. Currently i cant post often since i am working on a fan game

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Hello everyone here are some questions i thought people might have about switzerlocation ask some more if you want

vut please no questions i already answered

Q: is this official ?

A: no since its neither made by directdogman nor empbraced by him

Q: which ending is this a continuation from?

A: its a sequel to the Mediocre ending From DSAF 3 as i thought there are still some stories there

Q: Is a Sequel Planned ?

A: MAybe i will just see how this one does btw you are free to ask me for ideas i would have for sequels

Q: Did you call yourself geeklorddave coz of dsaf ?

A: no My full name was always David.R.Baker

Q: How Many ending will be in this game ?

A: about 5

Q: Can i use the pixel art ?

A: NO it belongs to a friend of mine limeaidsodapoppers the only art you cant us eis the one in the minigames coz they were made by a generator

Q: i have a question yu already answered but i dont like the answer i am asking again

A: i hate You

anyway thats it ask more question if you want and also

NO jack kennedy will NOT play a big roll this is not jacks story nor the story of the original DSAF its a new spin off

Thats kinda why it Plays in switzerland

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